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Name:Fans of FKMT!
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A fan community dedicated to the works of Nobuyuki Fukumoto!

Welcome to the Fukumoto Fan Community on Dreamwidth!

This community serves the purpose of being a fun and safe place where fans of Nobyuki Fukmoto's works can gather. Discussion, debate, fanworks such as writing, art, downloads, and anything else related to Fukumoto is welcome and encouraged. Feel free to join us!


  1. Harassment in any form, including name-calling, insults, threats, inappropriate or unwanted comments towards another member, or any malicious attacks pertaining to another member's race, sexuality, gender, and/or creed will result in an automatic ban.
  2. Please be nice! No character-bashing or fights pertaining to fan prefrences such as shipping, etc.
  3. All downloadable material must be member-locked (only accessible to members of this community).
  4. Place all spoilers and images under a cut as needed. Be sure to put a warning for any material that constitutes as 18+ before the cut.
  5. Properly tag your posts! Please read the tag list for a list of community tags.
  6. When posting external material such as photos, fanart, etc., please link back to the source and give credit to the original contributor.
  7. All posts must be related to Nobyuki Fukumoto's works and anything else pertaining to them (excluding the Introductions thread). Please do not venture off-topic!


If you have any questions, are facing harassment, or otherwise need to talk to me, please feel free to contact [personal profile] vivaria!

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akagi, buraiden gai, confession, fkmt, gai, gambling emperor legend zero, gin to kin, kaiji, kokuhaku: confession, kurosawa, saikyou densetsu kurosawa, seizon -life-, ten, tenhoudouri no kaidanji, the legend of strongest man kurosawa, tobaku haouden zero, zero
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